Modular/Compact DR5 Systems

Mini 3x8, M 8x24 Legacy and 6x16 Legacy Systems
Software Version DR5

Common Programming Settings

             System Programming Settings
             Programming system speed dials
             Changing the system time and date
Enabling the music on hold port
             Programming the Call Park timer
             Programming the Call Camp timer
             Programming a new line onto the system
             Enabling Calling Line Identification
             Activating / Deactivating "Set Relocation"

             User Settings
             Changing the name on a phone
             Enabling "Handsfree" capability on a phone
             Changing the "Forward on busy" and "Forward no answer"
             Programming user speed dials on a phone
             Changing the RING Settings of a LINE on your phone
             Blocking PAGING from being broadcasted through your phone
             Allowing a phone to redirect a Line

             Line Settings
             Adding a line to a phone
             Removing a line from a phone
             Changing the ring settings of a Line(s)
             Setting the Prime Line
             Adding and removing Intercom Keys
             Redirecting a line to an external number